Thursday, June 17, 2010

here's a look at the first few projects from RVA summer camp.

#1 summer log book

 i'm only about 80% happy with the way the log book turned out. i had a rough go at getting the pages lined up right. =( i'm super stoked about the cute fabric i found though.

i'm gonna try my hand at it again and hopefully i can work it out. 

project #2 button embroidery 

i'm really happy with the way the owl turned out!! i have another pattern and fabric in mind for my next one.  

project #3 (the beginnings)

i used the last ounce of sunlight for this photo but i'm kinda digging the way it's black in the background.  i'm using 4 shades of green for the mat and it's gonna go in the hubby's bathroom (which is painted bright bright green).

project # awesome

i know....i know....again with the kitty's in boxes (luggage in this case). he's just too much fun to photograph i can't stand it! =)

enjoy your thursday!

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