Tuesday, June 29, 2010

last wednesday (06.23) was my birthday and my mom had a little sign and balloon outside my house when i woke up! the other side of the sign said "honk and wish kendra a happy birthday" so people were honking all day and driving luna crazy!!! 
thanks mom!

my birthday present from my wonderful hubby joshua came in the mail today!!!

i'm so excited!! i took some pictures with it and i LOVE it!!!!
he ordered it from this awesome website!  the price was the best around and the shipping was SUPER DUPER fast! we were very happy with the whole experience!

(day lilly from my yard)

enjoy your tuesday.

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  1. Happy late birthday!! I really want one of those cameras so I'm happy you did the work for me. *smile* Happy RVA Summer camping!!! I'm so far behind but hopefully I'll catch up eventually.


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